New ALLPATHS-LG assemblies released

Our assemblies of Bushbaby (O. garnettii) and Tilapia (O. niloticus) are now available via NCBI and the Broad Institute ftp site, alongside our previous Human NA12878 and Mouse B6 (strain C57BL/6J) assemblies. Their basic statistics and locations are given below:

Species Contig N50 (kb) Scaffold N50 (Mb) NCBI Accession # Broad FTP
Tilapia 30 2.8 AERX00000000 Tilapia
Bushbaby 27 13.0 AAQR00000000 otoGar3
Human 24 11.5 AEKP00000000 Gnerre2010
MouseB6 16 7.2 AEKQ00000000 Gnerre2010

Please read our release terms and conditions.

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