ALLPATHS-LG available on Blacklight at PSC

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has installed and tested ALLPATHS-LG on
Blacklight, a gigantic shared-memory computer. This could be particularly valuable for small labs that would otherwise not have access to a large-memory machine. We thank Philip Blood at PSC and Brian Cougar at Oklahoma State for their help with this.

According to Philip, “any researcher who is from a U.S. academic institution (or who has a U.S. collaborator) can get access to this machine free of cost through the NSF’s XSEDE project ( This page explains a little about the allocation process: All that is required to get a Startup allocation is a CV and an abstract, and the request can usually be turned around in a couple of weeks or less. We are very interested in helping researchers use this unique resource for challenging genomics applications. If you’d like more info, feel free to email me at”

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