Four Cichlid assemblies released

The ALLPATHS-LG assemblies of four Cichlid fish (Pundamilia nyererei, Neolamprologus brichardi, Haplochromis burtoni and Maylandia zebra) are now available via NCBI and the Broad Institute ftp site. The basic statistics and locations are given below:

Species Contig N50 (kb) Scaffold N50 (Mb) NCBI Accession # Broad FTP
P. nyererei 22.6 2.5 AFNX00000000 PunNye1.0
N. brichardi 13.0 4.4 AFNY00000000 NeoBri1.0
H. burtoni 21.9 1.2 AFNZ00000000 HapBur1.0
M. zebra 19.9 3.7 AGTA00000000 MetZeb1.1

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