Guide to using Broad genome assemblies in your research

The ALLPATHS-LG genome assemblies produced here at the Broad Institute are available for download via the Broad FTP site and NCBI. However, some restrictions on their use may apply, and it is therefore important that you follow the guidelines given below.

All of our assemblies are released under the terms of the Fort Lauderdale Agreement, details of which can be found in theĀ Fort Lauderdale Meeting Report and the associatedĀ NHGRI Statement. For some background information and a brief discussion on this agreement, please also read the Nature Editorial on the agreement.

If you would like to use any of the Broad ALLPATHS-LG assemblies listed on this blog in your own research, please first contact the Vertebrate Biology Group by emailing them at Please do not email the ALLPATHS-LG team.

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