Transitioning to community support for ALLPATHS-LG

Over the past two years we have provided direct support to ALLPATHS-LG users. We believe this has been valuable to all, including us, as it has allowed us to improve our product — making it easier to install and use, and removing bugs that you found. We are grateful for the extensive feedback, comprising of about sixty help tickets a month.

With changes in funding, we are now transitioning to a new support model, based on the community helping itself. To that end we are launching a forum on Google Groups, where users can post questions and hopefully receive answers from their peers. We strongly encourage all users of ALLPATHS-LG to join and actively participate.

If you experience difficulty with ALLPATHS-LG, rather than send a help ticket, please consult our blog, including the FAQ, and if you are still stuck, please consult theĀ forum. We are developing a new assembly algorithm for new data types, and are putting all our efforts into this work. When we release the new algorithm, and pending availability of resources, we may reopen the help system for a period of time.

We thank you for your feedback, and we thank the Broad Institute and our funding agencies NHGRI and NIAID for their support.


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