The two most common inquiries

The two most common questions we’ve gotten are of the following sort:

1. I’m having trouble installing ALLPATHS-LG.

These are invariably related to general problems with an individual system’s configuration. Provided that you’re running on a 64-bit Linux system, they are almost always fixable. If you send us the details, we will help you. We’ve also noticed that somebody is building ALLPATHS-LG packages, so you may be able to download and install those directly.

2. I want to run ALLPATHS-LG on such and such data. Will it work?

It should work if you’ve met the data requirements. Please see our PNAS paper. In particular, ALLPATHS-LG takes only paired reads as input. You must have an ‘almost overlapping read’ library, consisting of pairs of ~100 base reads from ~180 bp fragments (or proportionally longer for both). You also must have at least one jumping library. If you don’t have these data, you might want to consider generating them!

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