The latest version of ALLPATHS-LG, including the manual and example data, is available for download via our ftp site, and is released under this license. Note that as of release 44849, GCC 4.7.0 (or higher) is required.  If you are unable to meet this new requirement then please download the last pre-4.7.0 release.

If you would like to experiment further you can try assembling some real genomes. In support of our recent hybrid assembly paper, we have provided data suitable for both Illumina only and Illumina + Pacific Biosciences bacterial assemblies.  For something larger you can try assembling M. zebra,  which was sequenced at the Broad and is now available from the Assemblathon competition website.

ALLPATH-LG is undergoing continuous development. There is no ‘official’ release – instead we automatically release the latest source code if it passes our rigorous nightly tests. Significant new releases will be announced via this blog.

If you have any trouble building or using ALLPATHS-LG then please follow the steps in our FAQ.

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