GenomeView demo instances

The manual and instructions to use GenomeView can be found on the GenomeView website. To run this application you need: Java 6 or newer and at least 1 Gb of free memory. A dual core processor is recommended but not required.

Each of these data sets is pre-generated and help to illustrate various aspects of GenomeView.

Click on the name of the species you want to investigate below. For each there is a short description what kind of data to expect there.

Bacillus anthracis

This data set contains a bacterial genome sequence with annotations for genes, rRNA and tRNA. Two sequencing data sets are included as well: (i) an RNA-seq experiment and (ii) a whole genome sequencing experiment. Furthermore, there are two optional multiple alignments available for this genome.

Caenorhabditis elegans

This data set includes the reference sequence for C. elegans, as well as its gene annotion. We also included an RNA-seq data set, both as individual reads and as a pileup track.

Drosophila melanogaster

This data set includes the reference sequence for D. melanogaster, as well as gene annotation. A multiple alignment of twelve Drosophila species is included as a MAF file. Furthermore, transcriptome data in the form of paired-end RNA-seq is loaded.