Quick Tour of the GSEA Java Desktop Application

1. Overview
2. Ways to Run GSEA
3. Launching GSEA
4. Loading Data
5. Loading P53 Sample Data
6. Analysis Parameters
7. Running the Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
8. Keeping Identifiers Consistent Between Platforms
9. Viewing Program Progress and Results
10. Stopping or Pausing a Running Analysis
11. Running the Leading Edge Analysis
12. Browsing MSigDB Gene Sets
13. Viewing Analysis History
14. Sharing Results with Collaborators
15. Setting Preferences
16. Creating Data Files for GSEA
17. Examples from Published GSEA Results
18. Getting Help for GSEA
View GSEA documentation
Launch GSEA

1. GSEA Tutorial - Overview

The GSEA Desktop Application Tutorial provides a brief overview of the main features of the GSEA application. It is organized in a series of slides which may be navigated by pressing "Next", or you may jump to any section of interest using the links to the left. For more detailed information, see the Documentation page.

the install screen for GSEA