Gene Set: V$PAX5_02

Standard name V$PAX5_02
Systematic name M18203
Brief description Genes with promoter regions [-2kb,2kb] around transcription start site containing the motif RRMSWGANWYCTNRAGCGKRACSRYNSM which matches annotation for PAX5: paired box gene 5 (B-cell lineage specific activator)
Full description or abstract XX
FA Pax-5
SY BSAP; Pax-5; B-cell specific activator protein; PAX5; mPax5; mPax-5.
OS mouse, Mus musculus
OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia;
OC eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae
HO TSAP (sea urchin)
CL C0017; paired;
SZ 391 AA; 42.2 kDa (cDNA), 50 kDa (SDS) [8]
SC SwissProt #Q02650
FT 16 141 paired domain.
FT 16 140 PF00292; PAX.
FT 16 140 SM00351; PAX.
FT 179 186 conserved octapeptide.
SF a few differences within the paired domains determine different DNA-binding
SF sequence specificities between Pax-5 and Pax-6 [2]
CP (pro-, pre-, mature B cells)
FF required for B-cell development [5];
FF represses Ig 3'alpha enhancer by preventing binding of an activator [3];
FF also required for correct early development of posterior midbrain [5];
FF expression positively regulated by E2A genes [4];
FF Pax-2, Pax-5 and Pax-8 show overlapping expression with the engrailed genes
FF and bind as activators to the En-2 5' enhancer [1];
RN [1]; RE0014313.
RX MEDLINE; 96189352.
RA Song D. L., Chalepakis G., Gruss P., Joyner A. L.
RT Two Pax-binding sites are required for early embryonic brain expression of
RT an Engrailed-2 transgene
RL Development 122:627-635 (1996).
RN [2]; RE0004263.
RX MEDLINE; 95257968.
RA Czerny T., Busslinger M.
RT DNA-binding and transactivation properties of Pax-6: three amino acids in
RT the paired domain are responsible for the different sequence recognition of
RT Pax-6 and BSAP (Pax-5)
RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 15:2858-2871 (1995).
RN [3]; RE0004295.
RX MEDLINE; 95296305.
RA Neurath M. F., Max E. E., Strober W.
RT Pax5 (BSAP) regulates the mrine immunoglobulin 3'a enhancer by suppressing
RT binding of NF-aP, a protein that controls heavy chain transcription
RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 92:5336-5340 (1995).
RN [4]; RE0004022.
RX MEDLINE; 95094259.
RA Bain G., Maandag E. C. R., Izon D. J., Amsen D., Kruisbeek A. M., Weintraub
RA B. C., Krop I., Schlissel M. S., Feeney A. J., van Roon M., van der Falk
RA M., te Riele H. P. J., Berns A., Murre C.
RT E2A proteins are required for proper B cell development and initiation of
RT immunoglobulin gene rearrangements
RL Cell 79:885-892 (1994).
RN [5]; RE0004294.
RX MEDLINE; 95094261.
RA Urbanek P., Wang Z.-Q., Fetka I., Wagner E. F., Busslinger M.
RT Complete block of early B cell differentiation and altered patterning of
RT the posterior midbrain in mice lacking Pax5/BSAP
RL Cell 79:901-912 (1994).
RN [6]; RE0004279.
RX MEDLINE; 92387536.
RA Adams B., Doerfler P., Aguzzi A., Kozmik Z., Urbanek P., Maurer-Fogy I.,
RA Busslinger M.
RT Pax-5 encodes the transcription factor BSAP and is expressed in B
RT lymphocytes, the developing CNS, and adult testis
RL Genes Dev. 6:1589-1607 (1992).
RN [7]; RE0004257.
RX MEDLINE; 92120664.
RA Walther C., Guenet J. L., Simon D., Deutsch U., Jostes B., Goulding M. D.,
RA Plachov D., Balling R., Gruss P.
RT Pax: a murine multigene family of paired box-containing genes
RL Genomics 11:424-434 (1991).
RN [8]; RE0002744.
RX MEDLINE; 90337320.
RA Barberis A., Widenhorn K., Vitelli L., Busslinger M.
RT A novel B-cell lineage-specific transcription factor present at early but
RT not late stages of differentiation
RL Genes Dev. 4:849-859 (1990).
Collection C3: motif gene sets
      TFT: transcription factor targets
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Organism Homo sapiens
Contributed by Xiaohui Xie (Broad Institute)
Source platform HUMAN_GENE_SYMBOL
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