Systematic name M1679
Brief description Genes up-regulated in CD-1 compared to CD-2 cluster of multiple myeloma samples.
Full description or abstract To better define the molecular basis of multiple myeloma (MM), we performed unsupervised hierarchic clustering of mRNA expression profiles in CD138-enriched plasma cells from 414 newly diagnosed patients who went on to receive high-dose therapy and tandem stem cell transplants. Seven disease subtypes were validated that were strongly influenced by known genetic lesions, such as c-MAF- and MAFB-, CCND1- and CCND3-, and MMSET-activating translocations and hyperdiploidy. Indicative of the deregulation of common pathways by gene orthologs, common gene signatures were observed in cases with c-MAF and MAFB activation and CCND1 and CCND3 activation, the latter consisting of 2 subgroups, one characterized by expression of the early B-cell markers CD20 and PAX5. A low incidence of focal bone disease distinguished one and increased expression of proliferation-associated genes of another novel subgroup. Comprising varying fractions of each of the other 6 subgroups, the proliferation subgroup dominated at relapse, suggesting that this signature is linked to disease progression. Proliferation and MMSET-spike groups were characterized by significant overexpression of genes mapping to chromosome 1q, and both exhibited a poor prognosis relative to the other groups. A subset of cases with a predominating myeloid gene expression signature, excluded from the profiling analyses, had more favorable baseline characteristics and superior prognosis to those lacking this signature.
Collection C2: curated gene sets
      CGP: chemical and genetic perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 16728703   Authors: Zhan F,Huang Y,Colla S,Stewart JP,Hanamura I,Gupta S,Epstein J,Yaccoby S,Sawyer J,Burington B,Anaissie E,Hollmig K,Pineda-Roman M,Tricot G,van Rhee F,Walker R,Zangari M,Crowley J,Barlogie B,Shaughnessy JD Jr
Exact source Table 6S: SAM Score > 0
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Organism Homo sapiens
Contributed by Kevin Vogelsang (Broad Institute)
Source platform HG-U133_Plus_2
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