Analysis Summary

Job ID is 1259952407		TIME: 2009-12-04 13:46:47

Using the CEU Human HapMap and the HG17 Assembly of the Human Genome
The Functional Datasource is text_2006_12

Using default gene list (18875 genes):
A total of 18875 genes in this list

Queries and Seed Regions are set equal
There are 15 valid Query regions
29 query genes within gene list analyzed

Genomic Regions

For full set of genes used in the analysis for each genomic region click here:
	Query Regions	Seed Regions

------	-------------	-----------------
rs11803731	0.0014628737	S100A11
rs10788819	0.0010316673	S100A10
rs1268789	0.0065978426	ANXA3
rs6732426	0.037392751	THADA
rs7349332	0.53733347	PRKAG3
rs7586898	0.43753551	MYCN
rs261360	0.89557041	PCNA
rs12623288	0.18008998	EPAS1
rs908922	0.058015134	LCE5A
rs3124314	0.0019500226	S100A11
rs6840361	N/A	
rs8017455	0.2352352	TSHR
rs1454292	0.438858	CSMD1
rs17605562	0.29759047	LPIN1
rs17316633	0.80624454	EGF

Keywords Describing Functional Connections


GRAIL data for selected individual genes of interest

GENE	GRAIL p-value	SELECTED SIMILAR GENES (Rank in parantheses)
----	-------------	--------------------------------------------
S100A11	0.00048786254	S100A10(11), TCHHL1(26), ANXA3(35), RPTN(36), CSMD1(297), EGF(299), PCNA(592)
S100A10	0.00051596674	S100A11(8), ANXA3(10), EGF(107), TCHHL1(230), RPTN(525)
RPTN	0.0010000723	TCHH(3), LCE5A(12), S100A11(32), TCHHL1(54), S100A10(95), EGF(129), CRCT1(210), ZFP36L2(309)
ANXA3	0.0033043808	S100A10(12), S100A11(16), EGF(569)
THADA	0.018874499	TSHR(36), CSMD1(299)
LCE5A	0.029440952	LCE5A(1), RPTN(30), TCHH(41), S100A11(97), EGF(121), CRCT1(539), WNT10A(553)
TCHH	0.03909312	RPTN(2), LCE5A(44), S100A11(124), CRCT1(221), S100A10(248)
TCHHL1	0.095793057	S100A11(11), RPTN(25), S100A10(60)
LPIN1	0.11107839	ELOVL6(41), EGF(500)
GREB1	0.12700697	CSMD1(135)
NTSR2	0.16374632	EGF(149)
MYCN	0.17453556	NAG(7), DDX1(38), PCNA(325), EGF(548), CSMD1(579)
EPAS1	0.18008998	EGF(215), LPIN1(411), PCNA(512)
PRKAG3	0.226567	LPIN1(99)
TSHR	0.2352352	EGF(152), LPIN1(588)
NAG	0.3888626	MYCN(2), DDX1(23)
CSMD1	0.438858	GREB1(270)
THEM4	0.51098772	
PCNA	0.52908644	EGF(568)
EGF	0.55982338	PCNA(570)
WNT6	0.6013456	WNT10A(2)
FRAS1	0.6923729	
DDX1	1	MYCN(73)
C20orf30	1	
CRCT1	1	
ZFP36L2	1	
WNT10A	1	WNT6(1)
CDS2	1