Heritability Calculator


Heritability Calculator (HC) is a set of utilities used for computing heritability for different genetic architectures, for designing association studies, for calculating power of association studies, and for studying the influence of population genetics on association. Using the package, one can explore different architectures, compute relevant genetic and epidemiological parameters such as narrow-sense and broad-sense heritabilities, the heritabilities estimated from population studies, risk to relatives, genetic relative risk, compute power for single-SNP and aggregate tests, simulate the allelic frequency spectrum as a function of selection etc. The package also includes routines for power calculation for SNPs main effect and epistasic relations. You can also use the package to simulate of a population from a founder population and estimate heritability using IBD sharing. Detailed instructions and usage examples are given in the README file.


The package was developed at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and at the Toyota Technological Insitute at Chicago, as part of work on the papers:

[1] The Mystery of Missing Heritability: Genetic Interactions Create Phantom Heritability
O. Zuk, E. Hechter, S. Sunyaev and E.S. Lander, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(4): 1193-1198 (2012)

[2] Searching for Missing Heritability: Designing Rare Variants Association Studies
O. Zuk, S. Schaffner, K. Samocha, R. Do, E. Hechter, S. Katherisan, M. Daly, B. Neale, S.R. Sunyaev and E.S. Lander, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1322563111 (2014)

Heritability Calculator Installation

Heritability Calculator includes a set of Matlab functions. To install the package simply download the file hc.tgz to a directory of your choice, extract it, and add to your Matlab path.


For any questions or comments, please contact Or Zuk

README.txt  -  Documentation on the HC package
hc.tgz  -  Download the whole package.