The following FAQ's are in related to Cloud installation

    Problem 1: At the end of running "create_ownAMI.com"
    "Digests generated.
    Unable to read instance meta-data for product-codes
    Creating bundle manifest...
    ec2-bundle-vol complete.
    ERROR: Error talking to S3: Server.AccessDenied(403): Access Denied
    Client.AuthFailure: Unable to decrypt AMI signature - are you the AMI owner?
    Terminate with: ec2-terminate-instances i-8b8d7ce7
    INSTANCE i-8b8d7ce7 running shutting-down
    Creation completed"
    Solution: Please rename the "IMAGEBUCKET" in cluster.config file.
    Problem2: At the beginning of running "create_ownAMI.com"
    "Connection refused"
    Solution: run "ec2-authorize default -p 22" and "ec2-authorize default -p 80"
    Problem3: If you are running Pathseq_launch.com then noticed that your AMI has been switched to another AMI.
    "Connection refused"
    Solution: Rename the AMI-S3 bucket to an unique name
    Problem4: If you are getting following error and Pathseq_launch program keeps running without starting any instance
    "Required parameter 'AMI' missing (-h for usage)"
    Solution: Please check your ACCOUNT ID in cluster.config. Please remove "-" from account ID