Differentiation Map (DMAP) Portal

A differentiation map of hematopoiesis, from the paper "Densely Interconnected Transcriptional Circuits Control Cell States in Human Hematopoiesis"

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Here is a link to the DMAP portal.

Publication Info: 
Densely interconnected transcriptional circuits control cell states in human hematopoiesis
Cell. 2011 Jan 21;144(2):296-309.
Novershtern N, Subramanian A, Lawton LN, Mak RH, Haining WN, McConkey ME, Habib N, Yosef N, Chang CY, Shay T, Frampton GM, Drake AC, Leskov I, Nilsson B, Preffer F, Dombkowski D, Evans JW, Liefeld T, Smutko JS, Chen J, Friedman N, Young RA, Golub TR, Regev A, Ebert BL.