Integrative Genomics Viewer - IGV 2.4

NOTE: IGV 2.4.x releases require Java 8.  For Java 11 see the development snapshot build.

Install IGV

Download IGV Mac App

Download and unzip the Mac App Archive,then double-click the IGV application to run it.
The application can be moved to the Applications folder,or anywhere else


Download IGV on Windows

Download and unzip the Archive, then double-click the igv.bat file to run IGV.
See readme.txt to run IGV from the command line

For high DPI screens: Use the development snapshot build of IGV.


Download IGV to run on Linux / MacOS command line

Download and unzip the Archive. See the downloaded readme.txt for further instructions.


Launch IGV using Java Web Start

1.2 GB

Max memory for
Windows with 32-bit Java

2 GB


10 GB

Only for large memory machines with 64-bit Java

Mac users note: If you are notified of security errors that prevent launching IGV, try right-clicking on the downloaded .jnlp file and select Open With > Java Web Start

Windows users note: Most Windows installs do not include 64-bit Java by default, even if the operating system is 64-bit. Attempting to use the 2GB or greater launch options with 32-bit Java will result in the error "could not create virtual machine"


Install igvtools

Download igvtools for all platforms

Suite of command-line utilities for preprocessing data files.
See the downloaded igvtools_readme.txt for further instructions.

Note: Many of these utilities can also be run from the IGV application 
without downloading this suite (see Tools > Run igvtools).

Other IGV Versions

Development Snapshot Build. Latest development snapshot; built at least nightly
Archived Versions. Old releases going back to IGV 2.0.1

IGV 2.3. The last release that runs on Java 7 (IGV 2.4 requires Java 8)

If you are looking for IGV 3.0 Early Access or IGV 3.0 Beta, note that all new features introduced in that version have been released in IGV 2.4

If you are a developer looking for information about igv.js, see

Source Code

The source code repository is hosted on GitHub at


Permission to use this work is granted under the MIT License