Did you know that there is also an IGV web application that runs only in a web browser, does not use Java, and requires no downloads? See Click on the Help link in the app for more information about using IGV-Web.

Install IGV 2.9.4

See the Release Notes for what's new in each IGV release.





Other IGV Versions

Development Snapshot Build. Latest development snapshot; built at least nightly
Archived Versions. Old releases going back to IGV 2.0

This Downloads page is for the IGV desktop version. There are also other versions of IGV:


IGV is completely open for anyone to use under an MIT open-source license.

IGV development, maintenance, and support is funded by grants and it is important to be able to show that it is useful to the scientific community. Please see the home page for information on how to cite IGV. 

Source Code

The source code repository for the IGV desktop application is hosted on GitHub at