Genome IDs

Genome IDs are required for the tile and count functions of igvtools.  The following table contains a complete list of the genome IDs in IGV.

Display name Genome ID
A. nidulans (4.1) anidulans_4.1
A. thaliana (TAIR 8) tair8
A. thaliana (TAIR 9) tair9
A. thaliana (TAIR 10) tair10
Aplysia Aplysia
C. albicans candida
C. elegans (ce4) ce4
C. elegans (ce6) ce6
C. savignyi (v2.1 reftigs) CSavignyi_v2.1
Chicken (galGal3) galGal3
Chimp (panTro2) panTro2
Cow (b. Taurus UMG 3.0) btaurus_3.0
Cow (bosTau4) bosTau4
D. discoideum (05-13-2009) D.discoideum
D. melanogaster (5.9) dmel_5.9
D. melanogaster (dm2) dm2
D. melanogaster (dm3) dm3
D. melanogaster (r5.22) dmel_r5.22
D. melanogaster (r5.33) dmel_r5.33
Dog (canFam2) canFam2
E. coli K-12 MG1655 (U00096.2) U00096.2
E. coli K-12 MG1655 (NC_000913.2) NC_000913.2
G. lamblia (2.0) Glamblia_2.0
Guinea Pig (cavPor3) cavPor3
Human (1kg reference, b36) 1kg_ref
Human (b37) b37
Human hg16 hg16
Human hg17 hg17
Human hg18 hg18
Human hg19 hg19
L. major (Friedlin) lmjr
M. oryzae (mg8) mg8
Maize (B73 4a.53) B73
Maize (ZmB73 5a) ZmB73_5a
N. crassa OR74A (NC10) nc10
Neurospora crassa (v3) ncrassa_v3
O. Sativa (release 6) O_Sativa_r6
O. Sativa (release 6.1) osativa.r6.1
Opossum (monDom5) monDom5
P. patens (V 1.2) ppatens_1.2
Plasmodium (3D7 v2.1) Plasmodium_3D7_v2.1
Plasmodium (3D7 v5.5) Plasmodium_3D7_v5.5
Plasmodium (3D7 V7.0) PlasmoDB_7.0
Plasmodium (6.1) Plasmodium_6.1
Rat (rn4) rn4
Rhesus (rheMac2) rheMac2
S. cerevisiae (sacCer1) sacCer1
S. cerevisiae (sacCer2) sacCer2
S. cerevisiae (sk1) sk1
S. pombe (7/09) spombe_709
S. pombe (EF 1.55) spombe_1.55
S. purpuratus (2.1+) spur_2.1
S. purpuratus (2.5) spur_2.5
Stickleback (gasAcu1) gasAcu1
Sus Scrofa (9.56) susScrofa
T. brucei (927) tb927
T. brucei gambiense tbgambi
T. castaneum (2.0) tcas_2.0
T. castaneum (3.0) tcas_3.0
T. gondii (ME49) me49
X. tropicalis (xenTro2) xenTro2
Zebrafish (Zv7/danRer5) zebrafish
Zebrafish (Zv8/danRer6) danRer6
Zebrafish (Zv9/danRer7) danRer7