IGV for iPad

This website provides instructions on using the Integrative Genomics Viewer for the iPad, IGV for iPad. 

IGV for iPad is a lightweight genomic data viewer that provides some of the functionality available in desktop IGV. It is suited for visually presenting genomic results. It complements use of desktop IGV, which is better suited for visual exploration of very large integrated datasets by virtue of its access to desktop memory and visualization resources. 

Considerations before using IGV for iPad

  • IGV for iPad loads all data across the wireless network. Because the network is accessed frequently in order to load data as it comes into view, high-speed network connections are recommended.
  • Because of the iPad's limited memory capacity, IGV for iPad cannot support the same magnitude of data as desktop IGV. Closing other background apps may help performance.
  • Currently hosted genome assemblies are human hg19, human hg18, and mouse mm9. Advanced users can also define and load other reference genomes.
  • For these genome assemblies, IGV for iPad provides links to numerous public data including the over 20,000 ENCODE datasets. Users can also access and load other properly formatted data.

Install the App

IGV for iPad is available for free download from the Apple App Store.

IGV for iPad User Guide

  1. Layout, Toolbar & Navigation
    Basic overview of screen layout, functions provided by the toolbar, and how to navigate the view. 
  2. Hosted Genomes & Public Data Tracks
    Instructions on selecting hosted genomes and loading data provided through the Public Tracks menu, including brief descriptions of the data and links to more information.
  3. Manage Data Tracks
    Instructions on loading other data tracks and managing displayed tracks. 
  4. Manage Sessions
    Instructions on saving and loading sessions.

The following are recommended only for advanced users who are comfortable with formatting their own data files and creating URL links.  

  1. User-defined Data  
    How to prepare data for use with IGV for iPad, including links to descriptions of the supported file types.
  2. Links to Launch IGV for iPad
    How to create and use links to launch IGV for iPad for a dataset. 
  3. User-defined Reference Genomes 
    How to use your own genome files.