Links to Launch IGV for iPad

IGV for iPad will launch from links embedded in web pages, documents, and email messages. These links make use of a dynamic PHP file hosted at the Broad Institute.
  • The same link will directly launch IGV on the iPad or download a clickable jnlp icon on the desktop computer.
    • On the desktop, depending on the version of Java, the downloaded jnlp icon may have to be right-clicked and Opened With>Java Web Start. This will launch desktop IGV with the specified data.
  • The links can specify the reference genome, one or more datasets, and the initial viewing locus.
Link format
For multiple datasets Replace fileURL with multiple URLs separated by commas.

Here is an example of the above link embedded in a web page.

Click on the link to launch IGV, select the hg18 genome, load the hg18_egfr_cons.wig file, and set the viewing locus to chr7:55,052,219-55,244,525.