Manage Sessions

This page outlines how to save and manage sessions, which are like bookmarks. Sessions save and recall pointers to the reference genome, the loaded tracks and their order, the current locus view, and zoom level.

Save Current Session

Configure the display as desired. 

  1. Tap the Sessions button in the toolbar and tap Save Session.
  2. In the textbox, enter a name for the session.
    • If you previously opened a session, the textbox will automatically display the name of the opened session and will allow you to append it.
    • If you keep the same name, the current session overwrites the old session.
  3. Press Save.

Alternatively, to capture a screenshot of the current session, press the iPad's On and Home button simultaneously. A PNG image will be saved to iPad Photos. If you have the Dropbox app installed, you can configure it to automatically save all screen captures to your Dropbox for access between devices.

Manage Sessions

Manage Sessions List. Tap on the Sessions button and select Edit.

  • To reorder the list, hold and drag items via the triple bar symbol to the desired order. Tap Done to save changes.
  • To delete a session, tap the red circled bar to the left of the item and tap the Delete button.

Load a saved session. Tap on the Sessions button and tap on LOAD next to the desired session name. 

  • Note sessions saved in desktop IGV are currently not compatible with IGV for iPad.

Open a new session two ways.

  1. Close the app using the four finger upward swipe motion on the iPad's homepage. Reopen the app for a new session.
  2. Alternatively, select a different reference genome.