IGV 2.4 Beta

Integrative Genomics Viewer IGV 2.4 Beta

This page is for the early access Beta version of IGV 2.4
For the current release of IGV, please visit the regular downloads page.

Install IGV 2.4 Beta

NOTE: Running IGV 2.4 Beta requires Java 8

There are 3 options for downloading and launching IGV 2.4 Beta. 

(1) Java Web Start (JWS). Use the buttons below to launch IGV directly from our web site. Clicking on the button will download a .jnlp file and then execute the file using Java Web Start (JWS).


  • Some web browsers will only download the .jnlp file and not automatically launch IGV. For these browsers, locate the file in your folder designated for browser downloads, and double-click on the file to launch IGV.
  • Mac Users: For some users, IGV will not launch automatically due to security settings. If double-clicking on the .jnlp file produces security errors, try the following instead:
    • Right-click on the downloaded .jnlp file and select "Open With > Java Web Start".
    • Dismiss the warnings to continue.
    • When IGV has been run this way at least once from the .jnlp file, from then on you can double-click on the file to launch. 
    • Alternatively, install the Mac App or the Binary Distribution (see below).

Launch with 750 MB


Launch with 1.2 GB

Maximum usable memory for Windows OS with 32-bit Java.

Launch with 2 GB

Maximum usable memory for 32-bit MacOS.

Launch with 10 GB

For large memory machines with 64-bit Java.

(2) Mac App.  Download and unzip the Mac App archive, then double-click the IGV application to run it. The application can be moved to the "Applications" folder, or anywhere else. 

(3) Binary Distribution.  Download and unzip the binary distribution archive in a folder of your choosing. IGV is launched from a command prompt -- follow instructions in the "readme" file. To launch IGV on Mac or Linux platforms use the shell script "igv.sh". On Windows use "igv.bat".