Sample Information Color Table Notes

You can now specify colors for sample information values, either for a specific label or as a heatmap scale for numeric columns.  Colors are specified in a #colors section in the sample information file.  This section is optional; when it is present, it must be the last section.  The general form is tab-delimited, usually with 3 columns (4 columns for a two-color heatmap): 

  • attribute column name
  • attribute value or range
  • color 

An asterisk (*) in either of the first two columns indicates a wildcard.  It is illegal (although not enforced) to have wildcards for both columns.  Some examples follow:

GENDER    MALE    0,0,155            a value of  "MALE" for the "GENDER" column gets the color (0,0,155)
*    Classical    80,180,80                  a value of "Classical"  in any column gets the color  (80,180,80)
KarnScore    *    0,0,255                   numeric column example, monocolor heatmap
% Tumor Nuclei    90:100    0,0,255       another monocolor heatmap, this time with the range specified.
sil_width    -0.1:0.5    0,0,255    255,0,0             a 2 color heatmap with the range specified.