IGV 1.3.1

New in this release

IGV 1.3.1, released June 2009, includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Clipped alignments. Clipped alignments annotated with "S" in SAM CIGAR strings are now displayed properly. IGV now displays only the aligned portion of a read, ignoring the clipped bases.
  • Saving read details. A new menu item has been added to the alignment popup menu to copy the read details to the clipboard. This includes the popup text and the read bases.
  • Image output. The image export feature has been reimplemented to fix several critical bugs. The new version includes an improved implementation for enacapulsated postcript output. Support for svg and pdf output has been removed.
  • Linux peformance bug. A bug involving keyboard managment that would cause IGV to freeze on some Linux releases has been fixed.
  • Performance improvements. Performance has been improved significantly for viewing alignment tracks with very deep coverage, and for loading large copy number files.