Q: What are the requirements to install Syzygy?

   A: Syzygy release 1.1.0 : Python 2.6. 


Q: Would a design with 100 individuals per lane work?


   A: At the moment machine error rates reach about .5-1% per genomic position in target. With a non-indexed pooled sequencing approach calling a singleton variant in 100 individuals = 200 chromosomes for a diploid genome would amount to be calling a 1/200 = .5% non-reference rate. This makes it close to impossible to distinguish a variant from error. We recommend keeping at most 50 individuals per pool.


Q: Is there a tool available that can help me design my experiment?


   A: At the Broad Institute, a power calculator was developed for pooled sequencing that computes theoretical power for various designs (made available by Jason Flannick):


Power Calculator


 For any more questions please contact: syzygy-help (at) broadinstitute.org