How do I get TranspoSeq?

Source Code

Download the source: TranspoSeq_v2.0.tar.gz


Reference Files

TranspoSeq requires reference files of approximately 9G (compressed). These can either be downloaded in bulk or in several downloads via the categorized table below.

File Download Size
RepeatMasker (Hg18) RepeatMasker_Hg18.tar.gz 46 MB
RepeatMasker (Hg19) RepeatMasker_Hg19.tar.gz 54 MB
Reference Genome (Hg18) RefGenome_Hg18.tar.gz 4.3 GB
Reference Genome (Hg19) RefGenome_Hg19.tar.gz 2.7 GB
RefSeq Genes (Hg18, Hg19) RefSeqGenes.tar.gz 5.6 MB
Previously annotated RIPs (Hg18, Hg19) RIPs.tar.gz 5.1 MB
Miscellaneous files Misc.tar.gz 1.1 MB
Sam* jar file sam.jar 528 KB
All Required Reference Files TranspoSeq_Reffiles.tar.gz 8.9 GB