D-ToxoG test data and maf-composing utility?

I am currently looking at D-ToxoG but couldn't locate any sample data to test it on. Would you share a link to some resource? Also, I see that .maf file can be created from .bam and .vcf files, but perhaps there is a tool already somewhere which can produce .maf format?

D-Toxo needs i_picard_oxoQ values

I discovered that D-Toxo expects a value apparently from picard-tools' CollectOxoGMetrics (?) i_picard_oxoQ which is not documented anywhere (so it seems). I suppose it's the OXIDATION_Q value, but will appreciate if the author confirms. Adding a column with this value seems sufficient to fix the problem, at least some output is being produced

I checked with the author,

I checked with the author, who confirms that i_picard_oxoQ is the correct field to use.