MutSigCV Pre-Processing Error - MatLab version incompatibility issue?


I'm trying to run MutSigCV in MatLab but I'm encountering the same error whether I use my own data or the example LUSC data. Even when inputing the exact command from the "how to run MutSigCV" page. Here is my attempt, I think I have all the required files and source code in the working directory.

>> ls
LICENSE.txt MutSigCV.m
LUSC.coverage.txt chr_files_hg19
LUSC.mutations.maf gene.covariates.txt
MutSigCV readme.txt

>> MutSigCV('LUSC.mutations.maf','LUSC.coverage.txt','gene.covariates.txt','LUSC.output.txt')


(c) Mike Lawrence and Gaddy Getz
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Loading mutation_file...
MException with properties:

identifier: 'MATLAB:textscan:BufSizeDeprecation'
message: ''BufSize' is no longer required and has been …'
cause: {0x1 cell}
stack: [4x1 struct]

'BufSize' is no longer required and has been removed.
Error using MutSigCV>load_struct (line 1497)
Error loading struct file

Error in MutSigCV>MutSig_preprocess (line 223)
M = load_struct(mutation_file);

Error in MutSigCV (line 184)

I thought that since I was encountering the issue using the example data as well as mines, the issue might be compatibility. I'm running MatLab R2016a, which version was used to write it?

I know I could run it using the MatLab MCR but I'm having a lot of difficulty installing it due to it requiring a Java Developer Kit (I can't find one it will work with), and since I already have a MatLab license I would rather run it from the source code.

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated

Nick Younger

Hi all,I've released version

Hi all,
I've released version 1.41, which restores compatibility with MATLAB versions ≥R2014b. You can download it here.

Same issue

I am also having this issue (same error message, also using Matlab R2016a). It seems to work on earlier versions of matlab (R2015), but the computer I am using for analysis only has Matlab R2016a. Did anyone find a solution for this in the end?

Thanks in advance,


same error

I'm experiencing precisely the same error when I attempt to run MutSigCV. As far as I can tell, my input files and directories are all correct.

As you probably noticed, posts on this forum don't often get responses, so if you find out from other source how this error may be corrected, please let me know. I may try running MutSigCV with an older version of Matlab in case that is the problem.