MutSig error cannot execute binary file

I'm trying to run MutSig on a Mac. I have the MatLab runtime installed at


and I enter the command:

./ /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime (args....)

and get the error message:

./ line 30: ./MutSigCV: cannot execute binary file

I see that has this line causing the error:

eval "\"${exe_dir}/MutSigCV\"" $args

It seems to be trying to directly execute MutSigCV. If I try to run it myself I get the same error:

-bash: ./MutSigCV: cannot execute binary file

I assume that MutSigCV is the version of MutSig that has been compiled with the MatLab compiler, and when executed it will invoke the MatLab runtime to run itself?

It is as if MutSigCV is a Linux image rather than a Mac OSX image. But the readme.txt clearly indicates that this should work on a Mac also.

MutSig error cannot execute binary file

You may have to recompile the MutSigCV file using your current version of matlab.

> mcc -m MutSigCV.m -o MutSigCV

MutSig binary is for Linux

I determined that the binary file MutSigCV that is distributed with MutSig is a Linux binary, and the readme.txt file is incorrect to imply that it can be run on a Mac. To run on a Mac, it would indeed be necessary to compile the MutSig source with the MatLab compiler for the Mac, but if you don't have MatLab, as I don't, that isn't possible.