I am running ABSOLUTE 1.0.6 in R 3.4.0

When I do:

RunAbsolute(seg.dat.fn, sigma.p, max.sigma.h, min.ploidy, max.ploidy, primary.disease, platform, sample.name, results.dir, max.as.seg.count, max.non.clonal, max.neg.genome, copy_num_type, maf.fn, min.mut.af, output.fn.base=NULL, verbose=TRUE)

I get:

[1] "Capping 1 segs at tCR = 5.0"
[1] "Expected copy-ratio = 0.89228"
[1] "Removing 0 of 42303 mutations with NA coverage"
[1] "Removing NA of 42303 mutations due to allelic fraction < 0"
[1] "Removing 0 mutations in IG regions"
Error in if (sum(seg.ix) != 1) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

If I do:

maf.fn <- NULL

Everything runs smoothly, so the error should be in the MAF file.

The headers of the MAF are:

'Hugo_Symbol', 'Entrez_Gene_Id', 'Center', 'NCBI_Build',
'Chromosome', 'Start_position', 'End_position', 'Strand',
'Variant_Classification', 'Variant_Type', 'Reference_Allele',
'Tumor_Seq_Allele1', 'Tumor_Seq_Allele2', 'dbSNP_RS',
'dbSNP_Val_Status', 'Tumor_Sample_Barcode',
'Matched_Norm_Sample_Barcode', 'Match_Norm_Seq_Allele1',
'Match_Norm_Seq_Allele2', 'Tumor_Validation_Allele1',
'Tumor_Validation_Allele2', 'Match_Norm_Validation_Allele1',
'Match_Norm_Validation_Allele2', 'Verification_Status',
'Validation_Status', 'Mutation_Status', 'Sequencing_Phase',
'Sequence_Source', 'Validation_Method', 'Score', 'BAM_File',
'Sequencer', 'Tumor_Sample_UUID', 'Matched_Norm_Sample_UUID',
'HGVSc', 'HGVSp', 'HGVSp_Short', 'Transcript_ID', 'Exon_Number',
't_depth', 't_ref_count', 't_alt_count', 'n_depth', 'n_ref_count',
'n_alt_count', 'all_effects', 'Allele', 'Gene', 'Feature',
'Feature_type', 'Consequence', 'cDNA_position', 'CDS_position',
'Protein_position', 'Amino_acids', 'Codons', 'Existing_variation',
'TREMBL', 'UNIPARC', 'RefSeq', 'SIFT', 'PolyPhen', 'EXON', 'INTRON',
'flanking_bps', 'variant_id', 'variant_qual', 'ExAC_AF_Adj',

Does anyone know how to solve this error?