Running MutSig without a matlab licence


I have downloaded the "" file and have installed "MatlabMCR" but there are no instructions on your webpage for compiling MutSigCV and a licence is required to view the documentation on the MATLAB website.

I would be very grateful if you could point me in the direction of some documentation or let me know how to compile and run MutSigCV without a Matlab licence.



No in the dowloaded package


There is no shell script inside the downloaded zip file, only a MutSigCV.ctf. Could you direct me how I can get the shell script from there onwards?


Re: No MutSigCV.csh in the download package

In the current download package, the shell script is named


Running MutSig without a matlab license contains the compiled version of MutSigCV. After the Matlab MCR is installed, you should be able to run Note that the .sh file is a shell script that works for Linux. MutSigCV was only tested on Linux. I would expect it to run ok on other OS's, but it would need a different script to start the compiled version.

Gordon Saksena

Issues on Windows enviroment


I am trying to run MutSigCV on Windows but I have met some issues. The shell script seems to not work properly.
I think I found an issues on the LIBRARY_PATH. Matlab on Windows has different address folder.

For example, this:

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/runtime/glnxa64

in Matlab (Windows):

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/runtime/win64

I cannot find all folders present in the shell script

Maybe there is also a problem with slash and backslash.

Here below, what I wrote:

D:\MutSigCV_1.41>sh C:\"Program Files"\MATLAB\"MATLAB Runtime"\v92 less50.maf exome_full192.coverage.txt gene.covariates.txt output.txt
Setting up environment variables
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is .:C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/runtime/glnxa64:C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/bin/glnxa64:C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/sy
s/os/glnxa64:C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v92/sys/opengl/lib/glnxa64
./MutSigCV: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected