What is PHIAL?


PHIAL (Precision Heuristics for Interpreting the Alteration Landscape) is a heuristic algorithm for clinical interpretation of cancer genome sequencing data.


How does PHIAL work?

Sequencing data may generate hundreds to thousands of alterations per patient, including mutations, short insertions and deletions, and copy number alterations.  The purpose of PHIAL is to utilize a rule-based approach to rank the alterations by clinical and biological significance, so that the most clinically relevant alterations can be rapidly identified for clinical review.  PHIAL utilizes the TARGET database, which is a set of curated genes that, when altered somatically, are linked to clinical actions (see TARGET link for more information):

Furthermore, PHIAL applies heuristics to the remaining data to reveal events that might inform the relative clinical actionability of revealed events in the context of other biologically relevant alterations.  These include incorporation of pathway information, location of the alteration within the protein, and the directionality of copy number events.


How do I get PHIAL?

PHIAL is not currently available for release, but will be available soon for academic and non-commercial research purposes only.  For more information or questions, please contact



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