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This is a listing of the context sensitive help buttons needed.

1) Create a page in the Wiki named the same as the code key
2) Fill it with relevant content even if its a duplication (orcondensed form) of user manual content.
3) Do not add these pages to the navigation menu

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chip meaning of the chip parameter
meaning of the chip_target parameter
chip_source meaning of the chip_source parameter
grp  meaning of the grp parameter
res meaning of the res parameter
gmx meaning of the gmx parameter
cls meaning of the cls parameter
on_the_fly_phenotype ctx help for the on the fly template chooser
gene_profile_phenotype ctx help for the gene profile chooser
ctx help for gsea prefs screen
main help the leadingf edge screen
main help for the gene sets browser
xtools.gsea.Gsea help for the gsea tool
xtools.gsea.GseaPreranked  help for the gsea preranked tool
help for the collapse dataset tool
help for the chip2 chip tool

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