MSigDB v7.1 Release Notes

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This page describes the changes made to the gene set collections for Release 7.1 of the Molecular Signatures Database (MSigDB). This is a minor release that includes updates to gene symbol mappings, updated data from external resources, and new datasets for potential transcription factor and microRNA regulatory target genes.

Note: Due to substantial changes in MSigDB, it is recommended that users migrate to GSEA 4.0.0+ when utilizing MSigDB 7.0+ resources.
Advisory: It is strongly recommended that users of MSigDB 7.1 always use the GSEA "Collapse dataset to gene symbols" feature with the provided Symbol Remapping chip file if your dataset was generated with a transcriptome other than ENSEMBL v99/GENCODE v33.
This advisory has been updated to reflect MSigDB symbol annotations as of the 7.1 update.