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GSEA implementations use many software tools and libraries, several of which are open source or freely available. Our thanks to their developers.

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<a href="">Jide Software</a> Java/Swing components
<a href="">The Java 2 Platform Language that the GSEA desktop application is written in image:duke.gif
<a href="">The R programming language</a> Language that the GSEAP-P-R is written in image:Rlogo.jpg
<a href="">Intellij IDEA</a> An awesome integrated development environment for Java image:idea.png
<a href="">JGoodies</a> Forms layout and java look and feel
<a href="">foxtrot</a> Java event handling mechanism for GUI's.
<a href="">dom4j</a> XML Parser
<a href="">itext</a> Java PDF library image:itext.gif
<a href="">Jakarta POI (especially HSSF)</a> Java excel reporting image: poi-logo.png
<a href="">JFreeChart</a> Graphing library for Java image: jfreechart.png
<a href="">JUnit</a> Unit testing API image: junit.gif



Logging toolkit for Java 


Regular expressions library in Java 


High performance collections library from GNU 


Element construction set (a HTML tag library from Apache  <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Jakarta</st1:city></st1:place>)

Xenu link sleuth

Website broken link checker

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