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GSEA implementations use many software tools and libraries, several of which are open source or freely available. Our thanks to their developers.

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Jide Software Java/Swing components
The Java 2 Platform Language that the GSEA desktop application is written in Duke.gif
The R programming language Language that the GSEAP-P-R is written in Rlogo.jpg
Intellij IDEA An awesome integrated development environment for Java Idea.png
JGoodies Forms layout and java look and feel
foxtrot Java event handling mechanism for GUI's.
dom4j XML Parser
itext Java PDF library Itext.gif
Jakarta POI (especially HSSF) Java excel reporting Poi-logo.png
JFreeChart Graphing library for Java Jfreechart.png
JUnit Unit testing API Junit.gif
log4j Logging toolkit for Java Log4j.jpg
Oro Regular expressions library in Java Oro.logo.gif
Trove High performance collections library from GNU
ECS Element construction set (a HTML tag library from Apache Jakarta Ecs-small.jpg
Xenu link sleuth Website broken link checker Xenu logo.png