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Release 6.4 of the GSEA public Web site :

  • Updated for MSigDB 7.0 and GSEA 4.0.0. Streamlined the Downloads page.
  • The tools on the Investigate Gene Set page will now use a more constrained set of namespaces for the symbol conversion process, and require the user to specify the species of the symbols to be converted. This change is required for greater accuracy in the conversion process. See the Help with Investigating Gene Sets page for more details.
  • Beginning in MSigDB 7.0, we are now using ENSEMBL as the platform annotation authority. Identifiers for genes are mapped to their HGNC approved Gene Symbol and NCBI Gene ID through annotations extracted from ENSEMBL's BioMart data service, and will be updated at each MSigDB release with the latest available version of ENSEMBL.
  • Added the Supplementary Gene Sets page with contents for the SCSig Single Cell Identities collection.