A cloud-based cancer genomics analysis platform with co-located TCGA data

Modeled after the Broad Institute’s Firehose analysis infrastructure, FireCloud democratizes data access and facilitates collaboration by providing a robust, scalable platform accessible to the community at large. Using the elastic compute capacity of Google Cloud, FireCloud empowers analysts, tool developers and production managers to perform large-scale analysis, engage in data curation, and store or publish results.
Users can upload their own analysis methods to workspaces or run the Broad Institute’s best practice tools and pipelines. FireCloud also includes tutorial workspaces as well as carefully curated open and controlled-access TCGA workspaces that users can clone.
FireCloud supports the mission of TCGA by provisioning workspaces with curated data and best practice tools and pipelines. This will empower researchers across the globe to explore TCGA data in novel and innovative ways, and create new opportunities for cancer research.