Upcoming FireCloud API Changes

We are planning to make a few changes to our APIs on December 4th, which are outlined below. If you do not use the FireCloud APIs, or call only the Swagger UI (api.firecloud.org) your work will not be affected and you do not need to read any further. If you do use the APIs, please keep reading, as these changes may break some of your API calls if you do not modify them accordingly.

Here’s the detail:

  • What: We are making changes to these APIs. The list describes the API changes and what modifications you will need to make to your own code if you are currently calling these APIs. If you do not make the relevant modifications to your API calls, they will fail once the changes are in place. You can make the changes in advance.
  • When: The changes will go into effect on December 4th
  • Who: Only users who call the above APIs are affected; the changes will have no other impact on your work or overall experience.
  • Why: We have been working on a new identity access management (IAM) service that allows for increased flexibility in permissions and sharing across all of our back-end services as well as front-end applications. We need to make the API changes listed above in order to roll out the new service.

We are happy to schedule separate conversations with you if you would like further detail or assistance to determine what modifications make sense for your specific project. Please email irosenbe@broadinstitute.org.

dheiman on 28 Nov 2018

@Ilyana_Rosenberg, it would be great if you could list or link the changes in your **What** section (it looks like that may have been your original intent?).

Ilyana_Rosenberg on 28 Nov 2018

Thanks @dheiman. Added link and attached to this comment for reference.

breardon on 28 Nov 2018

With endpoints related to user groups being removed, does that mean that "groups" on FireCloud will be deprecated?

Ilyana_Rosenberg on 28 Nov 2018

@breardon No, groups are not deprecated. They have been moved to the new back-end service. You should not experience any impact.

Ilyana_Rosenberg on 28 Nov 2018

Update: The changes to the FireCloud APIs have been postponed as we continue to ensure minimal user impact prior to release. I will update this Forum post by Thursday (12/6) with additional details on a new date for when these changes will occur.

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