December 4, 2018

FireCloud UI

  1. Improved error message: Users would see a sendReceive doesn’t support chunked responses, try sendTo instead. This has been updated to better explain what is happening with new error message The response payload was over 20MB and cannot be processed
  2. The warning banner that says “Your offline credentials are missing or out-of-date…” is now red instead of yellow to draw attention. New users who accept the Free Credits offer will see browsers refresh after accepting so all the cached data can be reloaded.
  3. For a single workflow’s details, the FireCloud UI will deter cost calculation until it renders workflow details. Since cost calculation can be slow, this allows the UI to serve the workflow details faster.
  4. The FireCloud UI requests smaller, streamlined payload from the API when rendering workflow details. This allows the UI to serve workflow details faster and eliminates some – but not all – errors caused when the workflow details API response is too large.
  5. The FireCloud UI now only requests data to populate workflow’s timing diagram on demand once a user clicks to show the diagram whereas the UI used to load the data when the page was rendered. This allows the UI to serve the workflow details faster and eliminates some- but not all – errors caused when the workflow details API response is too large.
  6. The FireCloud UI will now show an error message in certain situations on the workspace list and the submission list within a workspace. Before, the error message was suppressed and, in the case of a backend error, the UI rendered an empty page.

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