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We are excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new and improved user interface that addresses much of the feedback you’ve shared with us over the past three years. Using the new interface will not require you to change anything and should make doing research easier than before.

FireCloud launched three years ago as part of an NCI pilot project to host TCGA and TARGET data on the cloud and provide a cloud-based analysis environment to power cancer genomics workflows. At the time, we called both the project and the platform by the same name: “FireCloud”.

Since then, we have extended the platform to support other projects, such as NHGRI’s AnVIL, NHLBI’s Data STAGE, and All of Us. Extending our platform made it easier for you to analyze data across these projects. We believe it’s also important to create dedicated space for each of these projects on their own. Each project has a unique consortium of researchers around it, and we want to support each community with relevant content and tools alongside each project’s featured data. The new user interface will have a landing page for each of these projects, allowing you to browse specific content such as CCDG, CMG, and eMERGE data (sponsored by NHGRI) or TOPMed and GTex data (sponsored by NHLBI).

For that reason, it’s best to now think of “FireCloud” as synonymous with the NCI-sponsored project page that features TCGA and TARGET data. Going forward, we will use the name “Terra” to refer to the overall platform that powers all of the projects described above.

We will send emails to all of you soon inviting you to access the new Terra platform. When you log in to Terra with your existing FireCloud credentials, everything that you’re used to seeing — workspaces, data, tools, and notebooks — will be all there waiting for you. We look forward to hearing your feedback as we endeavor to make Terra the best cloud platform for biomedical research.

Keith Corbin Head of Product, Analysis Platform Broad Institute

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Wed 6 Feb 2019
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