We are delighted to announce that NCI-funded cloud credits are available to all registered users of FireCloud to cover computation and storage costs for work done on FireCloud.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions (see forms), researchers may apply for three tiers of cloud credits.

Tier 1: Credit of $300

Researchers may apply by completing the Tier 1 Form.

Tier 2: Credit of $1,000

Researchers may apply by providing certain requested details to the FireCloud team via the Tier 2 Form. Tier 2 Credits are available only after Tier 1 Credits have been used up (see Terms and Conditions below).

Tier 3: Credit of up to $10,000

Tier 3 Credits are only available for work on a large or collaborative project involving two or more researchers working together. Researchers may apply by providing certain requested details to the FireCloud team, including project goals, expected costs, and other collaboration details via the Tier 3 Form. Tier 3 credits are available only after Tier 2 credits have been used up (see Terms and Conditions below).

Note that only a very limited number of Tier 3 Credits are available and priority may be given to proposals that demonstrate collaborative research on FireCloud.

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