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Posted by System on 21 Mar 2018 ()

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Check out the $5 genome analysis pipeline in our latest featured workspace:
22 Feb 18
@jasongallant Thank you, Jason, for such a kind compliment. We appreciate the feedback and are happy that you enjoy the product!
22 Feb 18
We've updated the preprocessing #GATK4, somatic CNV & SNV featured workspaces w/ time & cost benchmarks! Grab free…
17 Jan 18
#GATK4 Facebook live event will be on soon! Tune in 2 - 4 PM EST.
9 Jan 18
RT @broadinstitute: TOMORROW (1/9)! 2pm EST: #GATK4 Launch live on Learn about the new release's features & capabi…
8 Jan 18

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@gatk_dev @BroadFireCloud @github We've been hacking GATK for years to play well with fish and butterflies! My enth…
23 Feb 18
@BroadFireCloud also does call caching!!!!!! Perfect for tinkering with multi-step pipelines.
23 Feb 18
Longtime GATK user, first time @BroadFireCloud user. #GATK4 is awesome, and Firecloud is like a dream. Seriously…
22 Feb 18
dedicating my #GalentinesDay to my gal of the moment, the broad's gatk website 💖💖💖💖
13 Feb 18
The @broadinstitute this week released #GATK4, the much-anticipated version 4 update to the Genome Analysis Toolkit…
10 Jan 18

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