This is a heads-up that we are actively working on reorganizing the documentation to make it more accessible, as a prelude to building new documentation on topics not currently covered. As part of this reorganization, many small articles will be renamed and moved to different sections, and the large monolithic articles such as "FireCloud Basics" in the Help Topics section will be broken down into more digestible topical documents. A "Quickstart" guide will also be added in the near future to provide a path of minimal effort for new users to get started with FireCloud.

In addition, I want to highlight that we are moving the documentation that covers cancer analysis-specific materials, such as the list of Best Practice workflows and TCGA reference files, to a dedicated section called Cancer Genome Analysis. We believe this will make it easier to find relevant materials depending on whether you're trying to figure out how to use FireCloud features in general versus looking for cancer analysis-specific guidance. We expect to add additional such analysis categories as FireCloud's userbase grows to encompass analysis use cases beyond cancer.

We will do our best to minimize disruption during this period, but there will inevitably be some breaking changes, which will ultimately be for the better. If you have trouble finding content that you previously used or bookmarked, just post a comment in this thread and we'll point you to the new form or location of the content you're looking for.

Thanks for your patience! We welcome your feedback and questions in the comments below.

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Check out the $5 genome analysis pipeline in our latest featured workspace:
22 Feb 18
@jasongallant Thank you, Jason, for such a kind compliment. We appreciate the feedback and are happy that you enjoy the product!
22 Feb 18
We've updated the preprocessing #GATK4, somatic CNV & SNV featured workspaces w/ time & cost benchmarks! Grab free…
17 Jan 18
#GATK4 Facebook live event will be on soon! Tune in 2 - 4 PM EST.
9 Jan 18
RT @broadinstitute: TOMORROW (1/9)! 2pm EST: #GATK4 Launch live on Learn about the new release's features & capabi…
8 Jan 18

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22 Feb 18
dedicating my #GalentinesDay to my gal of the moment, the broad's gatk website 💖💖💖💖
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