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FIRECLOUD | Doc #10943 | (howto) Use my own tools in FireCloud

(howto) Use my own tools in FireCloud
Tutorials | Created 2017-12-14 | Last updated 2018-04-27

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Tool developers can import, test, and share their tools in FireCloud. In order to do that for yourself, follow the steps below:

  1. Put your tool in a Docker container and upload to the Google Container Registry (GCR) or DockerHub. Read how to Make a Docker image the easy way: using a base image, or see Docker's instructions for more detailed use cases.
  2. Create Workflow Description Language (WDL) workflow that references the tool’s Docker image. Read our Quick Start Guide to WDL if you need help writing a workflow.
  3. Use Cromwell to test the WDL and dockerized tool locally. For help getting set up with Cromwell, check out this article
  4. Create a method in FireCloud using the WDL workflow you just tested. Read instructions on how to do that here.

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