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FIRECLOUD | Doc #12139 | Method Configuration Versioning within Workspace

Method Configuration Versioning within Workspace
Feature Requests | Created 2018-06-05

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Hi Firecloud Team, When I am am working within a workspace and import a method configuration, I can launch a job from that configuration, but when I go to the monitor tab, I cant seem to figure out how to see which snapshot of that method I used. When I then go to edit the method configuration from within the workspace (changing an optional input for example) , it doesn't seem to update the snapshot ID. After launching a job with the updated method, it then renames all of the method configurations of my old runs to contain a random string after the method name.

In this example, if I try to query the api for gatk/mutect2-gatk4_Ghswzvphrqc it can't seem to find the method configuration.

Is there a way to see which version of a method configuration I used for each submission? And is there a way to track changes to the method configuration that are done within a workspace? Sorry in advance if I missed this in the docs!


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