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FIRECLOUD | Doc #9763 | (howto) Create a new FireCloud Billing Project

(howto) Create a new FireCloud Billing Project
Tutorials | Created 2017-06-14 | Last updated 2018-05-04

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Before you do this, you need to have set up a Google Billing Account. See the instructions for Broadies or everyone else as applicable. Once that's done, you can create a new FireCloud Billing Project as follows.

1. Go to the FireCloud Billing management page

You can use this direct link or access it from the FireCloud portal by clicking on the User Profile drop-down menu (grey box with your email in the top right corner) and selecting Billing.

2. Click on Create New Billing Project.

If prompted, click on Click Here to Enable Billing Permissions, select a Google Account under which you created a Google Billing Account, and click Allow. This enables FireCloud to access Google Billing Accounts associated with your FireCloud account.

3. Name your new Billing Project

Enter a unique name for your FireCloud Billing Project. The name of the FireCloud Billing Project must fulfill these requirements:

  • only contain lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens
  • start with a lowercase letter
  • not end with a hyphen
  • be between 6 and 30 characters
  • be unique across all FireCloud Billing Projects

The system is currently not capable of telling you in real time whether a given name is already in use, and will only be able to tell you so when you submit your request. To avoid a lot of frustrating trial and error, we recommend you include something that is likely to be unique, e.g. the name of your lab or PI, in your desired project name.

4. Select a Google Billing Account

This should be the Google Billing Account that you want to tie to your FireCloud Billing Project, i.e. to which FireCloud will charge compute and storage costs.

You may see multiple Google Billing Accounts that you can select for this FireCloud Billing Project. If you need to locate a Google Billing Account ID, navigate to the Google Developers Console Billing page. Look for the number below Billing Account ID. If you don't see any billing accounts listed, see the instructions for creating one linked at the top of this document, or consult the Common Problems article about billing.

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