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FIRECLOUD | Doc #9764 | (howto) Add users to a FireCloud Billing Project

(howto) Add users to a FireCloud Billing Project
Tutorials | Created 2017-06-14 | Last updated 2018-04-27

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When you create a new FireCloud Billing Project, you are automatically designated as the Owner. If lab or team members want to create or clone new workspaces, you can grant them access to any FireCloud Billing Project of which you are the Owner. Note that your team members must independently register as FireCloud users before you can give them access.

The procedure is fairly straightforward:

  1. Go to the FireCloud Billing management page. If you lose this link, you can always access it from the FireCloud portal by clicking on the User Profile drop-down menu (which looks like a grey box with your email address in it, located in the top right corner of the window) and selecting Billing.

  2. Select the FireCloud Billing Project to which you want to add users. You must be an Owner of that Billing Project to add users.

  3. Click on Add User… This will open a pop-up window.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter the user’s FireCloud email address and select a role: User or Owner. Then click OK.
Role Can create workspaces charged to this Billing Project Can add more users to the Billing project
User Yes no
Owner Yes Yes

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