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FIRECLOUD | Doc #9778 | Google bucket

Google bucket
Dictionary | Created 2017-06-14

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A Google bucket is the name Google gives to discrete units of storage on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You can read more about their nature and general function in the Google documentation about buckets.

When a workspace is created, a new Google bucket is created as well and associated with the workspace. FireCloud uses Google buckets to store the data generated in your workspace in the cloud. All storage costs are charged to the workspace's FireCloud Billing Project.


Here we created a new workspace called "Broad_GTEx_RNASeq". The system automatically created a new bucket with a unique auto-generated name, fc-25ec6523-aad2-49e7-9b59-c89a737276c6, linked in the workspace summary tab under Google Bucket.

Total Estimated Storage Fee per Month

FireCloud displays a Total Estimated Storage Fee per month for every bucket associated with a workspace. You can view this information in the Workspace Summary tab, below the Google bucket id.

To calculate the estimate, FireCloud applies the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) General Pricing mode (at time of writing, 0.026 dollars/GB/month or 26 dollars/TB/month) to the total size of all files in your Google bucket. The estimate includes any files that you uploaded or copied directly to your bucket, as well as files that populated to your bucket from analysis submissions within your workspace. Example: your Google bucket includes a dozen files with a total size of 1.141 GB. The Total Estimated Storage Fee per month is $0.03.

Please note that FireCloud updates the estimate on a daily basis as it receives storage information from Google. If you add files to your Google bucket, please allow at least 24 hours for FireCloud to display the updated estimate.

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