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FIRECLOUD | Issue #2596

Workflows Done, Submission still marked Running, Data Model not updated
closed | Created 2017-10-12 | Last updated 2019-11-08| Posted by knoblett

fc-bug firecloud

Recently a few users have encountered an error where all workflows inside a submission complete, outputs are generated in the bucket, but the Submission remains in a Running state and the Data Model does not update.

We have a script that can be run to fix this for you, but it is a manual workaround. In an effort to diagnose the root cause of the bug, our developers have done some work on the back end to be able to see more of what is going on in the logs for future submissions. If you encounter this issue, please report it to us so that we can diagnose and solve this bug.

Update January 17, 2018:
We have investigated and determined that the issue is due to scaling, as it did eventually resolve itself. As more and more data is run (particularly if run in large quantities in a single job), errors like this may crop up. Resolution of this issue is on our long term road map, so please do continue to report any instances in which you encounter this problem.

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