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Feature Requests
Features and improvements requested by users

This is a list of features and enhancements that have been requested by FireCloud users. You can vote on them; the FireCloud project managers will take this information into account when prioritizing upcoming work.

Ability to change the reference genome/species used for the IGV.js
Ability to relaunch failed workflows
Accessing the samples of a participant
Add UI/API to purge output data
Add editable "Notes" column in Monitor tab
Allow determining gsutil cp order using a parameter tag
Auto-complete this.participant_id, this.sample_id etc
Better handling for " too long" error
Can you fix the formatting of docs generated from WDL in method configurations?
Capture user that ran workflow
Collapse display of optional parameters in method config display
Custom docker images in Notebooks
DataShuttle should handle not-logged-in state gracefully
Delete jobs monitor tab
Dialog box to accept software licenses / License(s) attribute for methods
Do not require quoting String variables in the user interface
Download metadata from a subset of rows
Edit WDL from within method configuration -- would be much more efficient and time-saving workflow
Enable import of workflows from Github
Group namespaces for methods
Handle benign failure messages more appropriately
Handle local-disk overruns before paying for copying files
IGV vcf.gz
Import WDL URL - link to latest version
Import non-public workflows
Improve status banner color / contrast
Improved PAPI error messages
Indicate Cromwell version
Label Submission in Monitor Tab with Snapshot ID
Method Configuration Versioning within Workspace
Method Snapshot viewed for an executed workflow
Notification on Workflow Status
Number of times a Methods or Workspace clones
Quotes should not be necessary for String inputs in the UI
Running more than one sample. Check boxes in the Launch Analysis window
Search feature in the Feature Requests page
Select multiple entities when launching an analysis
Share methods and configurations with groups
Show default/optional values in method configuration
Snapshotting / Timestamping of data attributes
Specifying Intermediate Files
Support for minCpuPlatform runtime attribute
Support for requestor-pays buckets for docker repository
Variable that refers to workspace bucket
auto-create sample set from lists of failed jobs
every data table should be downloadable
expand selection of known attribute names in method config edit page to referenced entities
feature request: make wdl editor window expandable
monitor refresh for sample set view